Students moving in at UNC Charlotte


Ready to Arrive on Campus?

Move-in is just around the corner; it is set for August 15 - 17, 2014.

We invite you to explore our Move-in website to learn about the things you need to know to make your arrival process as easy as possible.

Move-in Guide

Our Move-in Guide contains information about what to bring to campus and useful tips for living on campus.

Scheduled Arrival Times

Access your assigned date and time. Look for your building and then scroll through the list until you find your room.

Please use this date / time when making travel arrangements as it is very important that you adhere to the assigned travel time.

Pre Move-in... HOMEpass

All residents should complete required pre Move-in paperwork prior to arrival using our HOMEpass system. HOMEpass will ask residents to provide their emergency contact numbers and other information before coming to campus. When complete, residents should print out their HOMEpass document and bring that with them on Move-in day. This system will be available on August 1. When it is available, you will receive an email at your UNC Charlotte email account.

Refrigerator Rentals

Microfridges, which are a combination microwave and refrigerator/freezer unit, can be rented per semester. Please visit this website to learn more about how to rent or purchase a MicroFridge unit.

Mattress Size and Linens

Most of our mattresses are 80 inches long. When purchasing linens, be sure to check the packaging to be sure that they will fit an 80-inch mattress. Please visit the RHL website to learn more about how to purchase linens guaranteed to fit.